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This template gives you the option to display the first four armed weapon forms! This is the second product of Wave 1.5. You also get the leg pieces as well. I recommend printing this in cardstock or doubling up on printer paper. The helmets sets are sold seperately.

Every purchase should be going back into this website or my channel in some sort of way, so buying a template is a nice way to support future figures!


Video instructions with photos!

Kamen Rider Geats Armed Parts set 1 file


- Upper Armed Water parts, Lower Armed Water parts, Raise Water, Water Raise Buckle

- Upper Armed Arrow parts, Lower Armed Arrow parts, Raise Arrow, Arrow Raise Buckle

- Upper Armed Hammer parts, Lower Armed Hammer parts, Raise Hammer, Hammer Raise Buckle

- Upper Armed Shield parts, Lower Armed Shield parts, Raise Shield, Shield Raise Buckle.

4 yellow eyed parts, 3 Bear Rider yellow eyed parts, 2 Buffa yellow eyed parts