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These eight rider helmets all attach to the Entry Body to make the DGP Kamen Riders! This is the first product in Wave 1.5. This first set includes the main four + Punkjack and the three other riders from thebepsiode 2-9 DGP! zthe rest of Wave 1.5 will allow more forms to be made!The recommend printing this in cardstock or doubling up on printer paper. The body is sold seperately.

Every purchase should be going back into this website or my channel in some sort of way, so buying a template is a nice way to support future figures!


Video instructions with photos!

Kamen Rider Geats Rider helmet set 1 file


- The Geats helmet, Geats Tail, Geats ID Core

- The Tycoon helmet, Tycoon Bandage, Tycoon ID Core

- The Na-Go helmet, Na-Go Bangles, Na-Go ID Core

- The Buffa helmet, Buffa Muleta, Buffa ID Core, Buffa Enrty eyes

- The PunkJack helmet, PunkJack Mantle, PunkJack ID Core, PunkJack Enrty eyes

- The Ginpen helmet, Ginpen ID Core

- The Mary helmet, Mary ID Core

- The Da-paan helmet, Da-paan ID Core, Dapaan Entry eyes

- Hatena Mission Box